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Night Gardens

Hackney is a London borough that prides itself on the number of parks and green spaces it has. However, I am more interested in the trees and plants visible from the street in people’s gardens, or on overlooked spaces like verges or roundabouts. At night they become mysterious and looming, often illuminated from above by sodium yellow street lamps, or back-lit by a light in a house window.

Hackney has a mixture of housing from the 60’s to the 90’s and many Victorian buildings. The domestic aspect of this project – the relationship between people’s homes, their gardens and municipal spaces – intrigues me. Windows often form an important part of these pictures too – both as a light source and as a glimpse of an inner world. However, I don’t want to reveal too much, instead I want to let the darkness of night mask the clutter of the day.

These nocturnal pictures began on my iPhone, and more recently have been taken on film. My intention is to try and remove the light source from the picture where possible. I often try and move the camera so that the light source is hidden behind a tree, branch or wall. Flare and light bleeds have become a feature of the work. I also make use of bounced ambient light – there are some types of street signs that can act as excellent reflectors.


Night Gardens (Film)

Night Gardens (iPhone)